A big heart is inherent.
An open heart is your inheritance.
A giving heart is your legacy.

Our forebearers, Abraham and Sarah, introduced a radical kindness to the world. They established a guest house: to care for and nourish passing travelers, to provide strangers with physical and spiritual sustenance, and to teach them G-d.

Emulating their Creator, they treated each guest with unconditional kindness. Their quintessential hospitality gave root to a legacy of generosity.

As their descendants, we hold their truth. We all have a common creator, and a single act of kindness to another person, stranger or otherwise, has the cosmic power to shift their world.

Continue the legacy of Abraham and Sarah. Support someone else’s healing. Your monetary gift brings light to the darkest corners. Your support welcomes passing travelers, giving them respite on their journey.

Continue our ancestor’s legacy. Let us continue to be the trailblazers of radical kindness.

Walk in their footsteps.

This is you.

The Wall